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Capturing Your Vision From Above

Introducing ASM Drones

Videography, Photogrammetry, Site Inspections, Surveying, 2D & 3D Mapping and Modeling. 

Our expert team uses drones for a variety of applications, including private and residential videography, social media, orthomosaic mapping and photogrammetry, Industrial Asset inspection and 3D Modeling. As well as construction progression mapping and environmental monitoring.

Experience the world from a new angle

Our videography and photogrammetry services create stunning visuals as well as high-resolution interactive maps and models of all locations, from a private vineyard, your new build estate, to an entire section of Native coastline. We offer full rapid creation of 2 and 3D orthomosaic maps and models

All drones are registered and insured. All pilots CASA Certified

ASM can provide beautiful visual aids with detailed reports that are easy to read, understand and share.
ASM Understands the nuances of your social media platform of choice. Our High-quality video or high resolution maps and models be edited to suit all your needs. This allows you to upload your stunning visuals directly from your phone or straight onto that next presentation.

Want to learn more about the possibilities for your Business?

ASM Philosophy

...Just 5-Steps to Success

Each New Job Will enter into our Two-Phase , 5-step solution. 



We identify expected outcomes and feasibility requirements through an initial thorough consultation. This creates the opportunity to forge a roadmap to reaching the ideal solution


Inspection and Innovation

ASM will then visit your site in person. Often resulting in new and creative ways to give our clients the best possible outcome. 



Mission Planning

The location, service requirements and any foreseeable limitations are identified. ASM will then recommend a potential flight mission and provide customers with a realistic timeline.

Once all parties are satisfied we move onto Phase Two





Mission Execution

Required data is then collected. ASM then compiles and presents the information in a client specific format. Ensuring an outcome anyone can understand,  utilize and share 


Optimization and repetition

we understand that every project is unique. ASM can also set up a maintenance plan and rerun repeatable missions for project life comparisons. We work tirelessly to ensure that our clients' needs are met with precision and accuracy.

Our Solution

We put clients' requests at the forefront of every mission

ASM always endeavors to work hand in hand with our clients to provide them the best individually tailored mapping, modeling and drone solutions.

Drone Videography

Experience the breathtaking beauty of our drone-based videography services. We offer stunning visuals, perfect for showcasing your brand or property. Easily shareable on social media, our proficient team of experts ensures that every shot captures dynamic and scenic imagery. Our high quality output is sure to amaze your audience.

Residential Construction Solutions

Our private and residential drone photogrammetry solutions are tailored to meet the unique needs of your project. We provide documentation over the life of your construction project and offer easily shareable results to keep your clients updated. With our cutting-edge technology, we can store as-built models with high quality 3D models and photographs for a range of purposes, including asset inspection and documentation. All work timestamped and location is recorded giving you and your client ultimate confidence.  

Environmental Solutions

Our Environmental Solutions division leverages the latest drone technology for fast and accurate capture and analysis of environmental data. Our drone photogrammetry services allow for rapid creation of 2D and 3D orthomosaic maps and models with multiple measurable outputs, including distances, areas, heights, and volumetric estimates. These maps and models are easily shareable and exportable in a variety of formats for use in environmental impact assessments and other applications.

Industrial And Commerical Solutions


​Our Drones photogrammetry enables rapid creation of orthomosaic 2D and 3D maps and models. All 2D and 3D models can be stored as fully interactive assets with full-HD photography of key locations. This allows for inspection, data collection and comparison at any point of the assets lifetime. All without the need for traditional surveying equipment and Hazards associated with working at heights.

Couldnt Find What You Were Looking For?

Why Not Reach Out?

With a dedication to functionality and a curiosity for what’s ahead of the curve, we keep our work practical, relevant and innovative. Please reach out with any questions or enquiries. We are always on the lookout for new and exciting possibilities and use of our services. 

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